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Docks kits (DIY)

Residential docks

Residential - Hot dipped galvanized - 7/16" holes for 3/8" bolts

Calm waterways with little wave action and stable water level; designed to moor small boats such as kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, small rowboats, and small fishing boats.

Heavy duty docks

Heavy Duty - Hot dipped galvanized - 9/16" holes for 1/2" bolts

Rough waterways with lots of navigation, waves and changing water levels; designed for mooring large boats; possibility of leaving docks in the water in winter if there is no ice sheet movement.

Commercial docks

Commercial - Hot dipped galvanized - 9/16" holes for 1/2" bolts  

Suitable for all types of waterways and boats; designed for the installation of a decorative wood skirt; not available for semi-floats; possibility of leaving the docks in the water during winter if there is no ice sheet movement.

Swim Rafts

Dock kit designed for swimming in the middle of a lake.

The kit includes more chain for more water depth.

Available in 12" and 16", Residential and Heavy Duty.

Fixed dock

Dock kit designed to connect a semi-floating dock or used as a platform.

Ideal for those who have no shoreline, steep slopes, insufficient water level for floats or swampy environments.

Available in the Residential Series.



Pontoons & Barges

-Our Pontoons packages are perfect for boating while on the water.

-Our Barges packages offer superior load capacity for transporting materials and tools on the water.

Our kits are only available in our series Heavy Duty.

You have the possibility to put a small motor in the back; aluminum support available separately.

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What type of dock to choose?

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