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Home Products Dock protection XL «Poseidon» Bumpers - 5013
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XL «Poseidon» Bumpers - 5013

$95.99 - $95.99

These roto-molded "Heavy Duty" bumpers incorporate all the benefits of a multi-purpose product with the strength and integrity you know from Dock Industries products.
XL-Poseidon bumpers are durable and make charming, practical and sturdy shock absorbers for your marina or docking facility.

  • Made of high quality PVC treated with UV stabilizers and fungicides, these bumpers provide excellent protection against heavy impacts.
  • Each Poseidon XL bumper has a built-in valve to inflate or deflate at will.
  • Designed to be permanently attached, XL POSEIDON bumpers also have grooves that serve as reinforcement and can be used temporarily where permanent installations are prohibited.
  • Ideal for commercial applications and marinas.
  • 35'' long, 8'' high and 6'' thick



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