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Torpedo pipe bumbers 5008 5009 5010

$24.99 - $24.99
  • These durable bumpers add an attractive and sturdy cushion to the galvanized piles of your docking system. 
  • Made of high quality PVC containing UV stabilizers and fungicides.
  • Made of the same quality material as our Profiles (items 5015 and 5016).
  • Each Torpedo measures 18'' (45,7cm) in height for a diameter of 5'' (12,7cm). 
  • Our Torpedo also includes an integrated valve to facilitate inflation or deflation as needed. 
  • When placed on dock pipes and mounting brackets, they prevent pop-up bolts from damaging your boat. 
  • Designed to fit pipes up to 2'' (5.1cm) outside diameter (Items 1111 and 1112).
  • Perfect for all your projects
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