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Premium Mooring Whips 14' - 8019


Exclusive “Plug & Socket” design for quick and easy separation, Tie-off cleat and NEW carbon fiber technology. Solid, cast aluminum base with built-in cleat, ring and thumb screw.

Unique tip with functional roller and a tie-off cleat for easier boat access. Simply release the whip line from the tie-off cleat.
The whip lines effortlessly roll through the pulley at the tip causing the boat to gently approach the dock for boarding.

Patented cross-wound material. Double braided nylon whip lines, spring lines and unique line tensioner for one-handed set-up. Stainless steel mounting hardware included. Cast aluminum base with integral cleat and ring.

  • 8’ whips Item # 8017- 2 500 lbs max. craft weigth
  • 12’ whips Item # 8018 - 5 000 lbs max. craft weigth
  • 14’ whips Item # 8019- 10 000 lbs max craft weigth
  • 16’ whips Item # 8020- 20 000 lbs max craft weigth

Set of two (2) whips includes :

  • 2 Mooring lines
  • 2 Whip lines
  • 2 Tie-off cleats and aluminum tensioners.
  • Made in Canada
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